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The top 7 best Hunter Hayes Songs

tyrtyutygfhThe depth and quality of Hunter Hayes songs prove that the singer has a positive impact. So of us might ask who is Hunter Hayes is? This is an American country music singer who is also a multi-instrumentalist. Hunter Hayes is one of the biggest music icons because he has sold over one million singles in the world. It is no doubt that he is a complete package when it comes to the world music. His talent has earned him some Grammy nominations. He is considered to be one of the successful country music singers in the world.

Some of the best Hunter Hayes songs

1. Wanted

This is one of the biggest songs of Hunter Hayes because it made its way to the top spot. The “wanted” song went to being number one on Bill boards’.Becoming the hottest country music chart which came with him getting new fans. This also led to him being nominated for Grammy for the best country solo.

2. I want crazy

This is another song by Hunter Hayes that is undeniably addictive once you listen to it. This is because it has a catchy melody and great lyrics. This song with its great lyrics wants you to get crazy with that person that you love. This is the song that inspired his lets be crazy tour cum performance which partly took place New York’s Webster Hall as part of MTV’s Artist to Watch series.

3. Invisible

This song by Hunter Hayes brought out his best singing abilities that everyone fell in love with. He dinted focus so much on singing words of encouragement to the broken but focused more on his vocals. This tackles issues of bullying and the effects that it has on people.

4. Where we left off

This is one of the best songs by Hunter Hayes. This song has an incredible meaning, and it makes people understand what the military go through out there. The song is about how the military sacrifices their lives to protect us.trytufdt

5. Storm warning

This was Hunter’s first single release. His talent and the vocals in this song made him a superstar. The song is about comparing a girl to the hurricane, and the singer wishes he had a storm warning for her.

6. Somebody’s heartbreak

Hunter’s voice shines in this particular song because it is a bit slower. It’s about asking a girl to be his instead of being somebody’s heartbreak.

7. Storyline

This is the best song ever produced by Hunter. It is about how one should not be conforming to the norms of the society and writing your own story.