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Essential qualities of the best personal injury lawyer

Personal injury claims are aimed at recovery of damages and compensation for the losses caused by a guilty party. In personal injury claims, a party goes to court in order to assert that the defendant’s actions were unreasonable enough to cause him substantial harm. Proving such a claim is an uphill task considering the threshold set for one to recover in such matters. Under common law, there are essential elements that need to be demonstrated, and they include the presence of a duty of care, breach of duty, proximate cause and monetary loss. In this regard, it is the responsibility of your lawyer to present adequate evidence and substantive arguments to procure maximum compensation.

A lawyer plays a vital role in the determination of a personal injury claim and therefore you ought to be mindful in the selection process. Over the years the number of lawyers has blossomed considerably, and this growth has consequently made the selection process more tedious and cumbersome. The qualities are articulated as follows;

Specialization and experience

A good personal injury lawyer must have specialized and in this particular area of the law. It is unintelligible to hire a commercial law attorney to litigate in your personal injury claim. Lawyers that specialize in a particular area of law are bound to acquire various skills that are not taught in school. Specialization goes hand in hand with experience because the longer a professional specializes in an area of practice the more ability he is bound to possess.

Excellent negotiation skills

Most of the time, personal injury cases are settled out of court. The court process is usually characterized by unwelcome procedures and technicalities that take a lot of time to dissipate. Therefore litigants, lawyers, and the courts encourage parties to pursue out of court settlements. This is the reason as to why you need a lawyer that has outstanding negotiation skills to enable him to reach a passable settlement.

Proven success

An attorney’s track record should portray high standards of service delivery. A good personal injury attorney will be acclaimed by his colleagues and past clients. Therefore you ought to inquire on an advocate’s success rate in similar matters from the advocate himself and past clients. You can also refer to online reviews that are always informative about various firms.


It is imperative that your lawyer is readily available when you need him. Some lawyers have a pile of cases and limited staff, and therefore it becomes difficult for them to offer efficient services.